Darragh Connolly has been in the horticultural and gardening business (www.darraghconnolly.ie) for 20 years and quality tools have always been high on the agenda for getting work done in the garden efficiently and effectively.

Darragh is often asked what tools he uses throughout the day such as secateurs, folding saws, sharpeners etc so he decided to put them together in various packages and open a Garden Store giving you the opportunity to use the same tools as the pro’s use.

Simply, these are presented for you to buy as a treat – we all like to treat ourselves – or as a present to your avid gardener friend or family member.

The Garden Store offers a selection of:

Hand Tool Sets

Gardening Comfort Sets

Planting Palettes for use in various gardening aspects

A good set of hand tools are a worthy investment for any aspiring gardener.

Once well maintained, they will serve you with many happy years of gardening.

Darragh has his holster for 22 years, which is worn on a daily basis and he would be lost without it.

May your tools bring you many years of happy gardening 🙂 



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