The Classic Planting Palette

This will work well in the front of your house or as borders in your back garden. It consists of a Box Ball flanking the ends, infilled with Box Hedging and Hydrangea ‘Limelights’ planted on the inside giving you a classic look in your garden.

The Classic is based on 2 linear metres length and 1 metre depth and the quantities of plants are:

2 X 50cm Box Balls

22 X Box Hedging plants

3  X Hydrangea ‘Limelights’

3 X Bags Gee-Up Manure and some feed for planting.

If your area to be planted is bigger, we can scale up the plant sizes to suit for example, we can use an 80cm box ball.  This price is on request. Please contact us on 087 225 9319.

This arrangement of planting will allow for some plunge planting of foxgloves or verbena in the summer and allows for plenty of room for bulbs such as tulips and alliums. By doing this, it will prolong the flowering period of this bed. The heads of the Limelights can be left on the plants over winter creating some winter interest.

Delivery anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.

If you’d like to arrange for a separate planting service please talk to Darragh on 087 2259319.




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