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Gardening with the right tools will make your enjoyment richer and give a better result – a good set of hand tools are essential and if looked after and cared for, are a great addition for the avid gardener.

As a pro, the first hand tool to acquire has to be a good secateurs – there are many on the market but the one we have always used is the Felco no.2 secateurs and a small pruning saw – these will serve you well over your many years of gardening.

I also really like & use a foldable saw all the time – this one is the Felco 600 and is good for branches up to 50-60mm and it will fit in your pocket – very handy when pruning a slightly larger plant with either dead, diseased or crossing branches in it – keep the blade clean and oiled and it will be good for years of use.

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A Holster to hang off your trousers has to be the one piece of equipment I would be lost without – when we garden, we reach for our secateurs many many times and if you have a holster it just makes life easy – the one issue with hand tools is placing them somewhere and then you cannot find them – the holster takes this away – it has become 2nd nature when done to place my Felco no.2 in the holster – I would be lost without mine

The Felco 2’s have a red handle which if misplaced can be easily found – hand tools become personal – it’s like a builder with their trowel – they become yours and yours only – you can replace machinery and equipment but it’s different with your secateurs.

It works at its’ best if you keep the blades sharp, clean and oiled. I sharpen mine every morning before use so it’s nice and sharp for the tasks ahead.  A good sharpener is also great for working in the kitchen to keep your cooking knifes sharp- works a treat.

A great thing to do is to give them a blast with a flame so as to sterilise them. This is particularly important if going form garden to garden as a pro. It prevents the spread of diseases from garden to garden

Once you have made your decision to go get your Felco 2’s, keep them sharp & clean and they will serve you well over many years of pleasurable gardening

Thanks for reading and enjoy your garden,


This is the sharpening tool I use

This is the lube I use



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